Want to jump into in the Global sandbox? It’s pretty fun in here, we must admit, and today there’s lots of room to play when it comes to global eCommerce. Specifically, cross-border transactions. If you take a look at numbers from the latest report by Elliot CEO, Sergio Villaseñor, titled Cross Border Ecommerce: The International Expansion Playbook, it is a BIG sandbox.

  • 3.77 billion global internet users in 2017
  • 2.80 billion global social media users in 2017
  • 4.92 billion global mobile users in 2017
  • 2.56 billion global mobile social media users in 2017
  • 1.61 billion global ecommerce users in 2017

Online shopping is one of the most popular online activities worldwide, but the usage varies by region. With eCommerce revenues projected to grow to 4.88 trillion US dollars in 2021, a part of that growth is driven by orders placed with U.S. companies from shoppers around the world, the majority in the U.K., and China.

Once those orders are in, then what?

You’ll need a logistics provider that offers the best international shipping options for you and your customer without sacrificing customer satisfaction. Our company’s international mail and parcel solutions utilize our long-standing partners and vast network of last mile carriers around the world to guarantee satisfaction for eCommerce retailers, agencies, publishers and major catalogue suppliers.

Today, your customer can come from any part of the globe thanks to the internet. Making sure your product can get to them “signed, sealed, delivered” is critical to generating sales in an already highly competitive market. The future is now. Jump in and build your sand castle.